“I’ve worked with Raphael Homes on just about every kind of custom residential project–additions, renovations, new homes; small to large; simple to highly complex; budget to luxury. We’ve also worked together for a wide range of homeowners with a variety of interests and priorities. Raphael Homes has always been adaptable and responsive to every situation because they’re highest priority is to see that everyone working on their projects respects the homeowners’ goals and works together to produce the best possible result. As an architect, I’m highly dependent on the skill and enthusiasm of the general contractor to fulfill the vision my clients and I have worked out for a project. When I work with Raphael Homes I know that I’m working with a contractor who asks all the right questions and has as much enthusiasm for the design and doing things well as I do. I know they will sweat the details and never take shortcuts when it comes to solving problems that may arise during construction. I like working with Raphael Homes because I have total confidence in their work from digging the hole in the ground to installing the final finishes.”


“Rick, John, Carol and their excellent team of subcontractors brought both experience and openness to new ideas to building our new home. They realized our hopes and dreams for the home, and added important aspects they identified through their experience. They were always very responsive and worked flawlessly with our architect. Many warned us of the difficulties of building a home, but Raphael Homes made it both an exciting and pleasant experience.”

Craig & Judith

“Raphael Homes competed several building projects for us, including a major home addition and remodel. Rick and his staff are attentive to detail and kept us informed throughout the process. Work was orderly and even tidy. Most importantly, our home has improved so much with these remodels and additions that are standing up to the test of time.”

David & Theda

“Raphael Homes accomplishes beautiful work, delivered on schedule! Our project had outstanding oversight with trustworthy craftsmen who were thorough and created top notch work. Rick is a master at meticulously coordinating and supervising the numerous contractors required to build a project from the ground up. Raphael Homes is all of this and one of most pleasurable teams I have ever worked with.”

Frank & Barb

“Working with Raphael Homes was a wonderful experience. Their expertise in design and  implementation made the remodeling of our home very smooth and timely. We love our new space.”

Jimi & Emelie

“Rick Raphael, owner of Raphael Homes, has all the qualities of a great contractor. With all of the success that Raphael Homes has experience over the past few decades he hardly needs my endorsement, but I am very happy to write it. Rick and I have collaborated on many projects and I look forward to the next one. He is hard working, honest, very knowledgeable. In addition to those important qualities he has some more that are a little harder to find with contractors. Rick is always calm, there are never any emergencies – simply issues that need to be ironed out. He is an excellent listener. Rick understands the importance of being a team player. Lastly Rick is always focused on making our clients happy.”


“Thank you for finding a way to center the bathtub under the window and minimizing the tub deck. Those changes made a HUGE difference in the aesthetics of the bathroom. It was truly a team effort.”

Mike & Kathi

“Raphael Homes were terrific partners in our whole-house renovation project. We were fortunate to have interviewed several excellent builders, and in the end selected Raphael Homes. Beyond the detail and clarity of their proposal, the chemistry was right. During the extensive project Rick kept us informed of things that were on track and alerted us to surprises. He was a creative and diligent problem solver, and worked with the whole team- sub-contractors, engineer, architect and us – to achieve a result that far surpassed our expectations.”

Jonathan & Valerie

“I want to express my excitement with our new venture, the renovation and addition to my future home. When I decided to downsize from my present home that you built in 2004, I had no desire to consult with any other builder. Your expertise and excellent craftsmanship that you provide in my present home was and still is impeccable.
Today, 10 years later my home is still beautiful and the center of every conversation when someone visits. The lasting relationship and assistance that you have given me beyond the warranties is confirmation that Raphael Homes is a builder that values the worth and concerns of its customer. Thank you for the relationship!”


“Rick Raphael is an honest, easy to work with guy whom you trust immediately. He is always calm and instills confidence in you that your project will be handled like it was his own house. Rick takes pride in his work and is a great listener. He takes your needs and requests and works with you and your team (architect, decorator, kitchen designer etc) to implement them. A great collaborator and highly adaptable when things came up during construction. We continue to have a good working relationship with Rick long after our project was completed and highly recommend him as he has no hidden agenda, just to build your project with the least amount of stress as possible and for you to be happy with the end result!”

Mike & Kathy

Rick Raphael is an amazing contractor. He is very calm and does not get agitated if a problem presents itself. He finds solutions and then offers them to us with his experienced recommendation. He was also a good listener and delivered what we wanted. He works with subs that were friendly, professional and very helpful with different aspects of the project. Rick also worked well with subs that were not his own recommendation.

I would recommend Raphael Homes as they are experienced, professional, competitively priced and deliver a beautiful end project.